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Our world’s climate is changing. In July, we witnessed the hottest month on record. Ice is melting, the sea level continues to rise, and we’re frequently witnessing breakneck weather patterns. The news reports violent tornadoes and flooding in odd times of the year, extreme temperatures or record lows - none are a mere matter of coincidence. The earth’s climate is changing and it’s effects can be, and are becoming, quite terrifying. So, what is there to be done about it… and, what can we do? That’s one of the major questions the documentary Before the Flood focuses on and revolves around.

Directed by Fisher Stevens, Oscar winning director of The Cove, and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Before the Flood is an documentary, interacting with some world’s top scientists and most powerful individuals; individuals such as Pope Francis and President Obama, who hold the power to make positive efforts towards climate change. The film zips at an entertaining pace, invigorated by terrific performances from Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor, Gustavo Santaolalla and Mogwai. DiCaprio’s role in the documentary is that of a layman, interviewing experts of all kinds. He is seen traveling the world to see how different countries, such as India and China, are dealing with climate change. DiCaprio’s passion towards climate change is clearly reflected in this performance. He asks pointed questions, and experts share jaw dropping knowledge, which is often troubling and shocking. The documentary does a terrific job not only highlighting the issues surrounding climate change, but also short and long-term solutions; such as specific changes that we can make in our daily routines.

You may, or may not, know that DiCaprio is the appointed United Nations Messenger of Peace around climate change. Sure, he’s a celebrity, but any doubts around the legitimacy of this documentary are smashed by the collection of news reports confirming DiCaprio’s continuous activism and involvement with the United Nations. For example, DiCaprio is involved with Oceana, a foundation actively working to protect marine life. In 2014 he donated 3 million dollars to Oceana in efforts to preserve and protect our world’s oceans.

Before the Flood is a catalyst for world change. Filled with fantastic blend of hard facts from scientists all over the globe, and interactions with world leaders, the movie undoubtedly holds the grip. Before the Flood serves as a significant piece of knowledge, and it’s information will hopefully encourage people to carry out world change.

Haven't seen it? Watch the full length film below.


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