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Conscious Step Australia


All animals have existed longer than modern humans. Endangered animals, like elephants, sharks, sloths, giraffes, and many others, are necessary components to support a complex ecosystem full of diversity and life. Their rapidly declining populations not only deprives our planet of these amazing creatures but it threatens the health of our world. With our support, many of our partners are working to change this.

Ecosystems are already vulnerable due to human activities such as over fishing, toxic pollution and destructive logging. With the rapid increase of change in climate, animal populations and their habitats are decreasing at an alarming rate.
Wildlife trafficking threatens species, economies and global security and is a lucrative enterprise for organized crime networks. The poaching elephants for their ivory, tigers for their skin or finning sharks for soup has to stop. The last of these species must be protected.
There is still time to save many species, but action needs to happen now. Governments, nonprofits, businesses and civil society need to come together to support scientific research, demand policy changes and empower local communities to protect endangered wildlife populations.

Each pair donates to protect wild animals world wide.

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