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In celebration for Earth Day on the 22nd April, Conscious Step is partnering with Trees for the Future to plant 1,000 trees in the month of April. Each pair of our environment socks allows farmers in Kenya to plant 20 trees in their own forest gardens, allowing them to harvest, trade, sell or eat something every day of the year. Here's 5 reasons why you should be wearing environment socks this Earth Day.

1. You’ve killed a tree in the past and need to atone for your sins

We’ve all done it - broken a sapling to roast marshmallows, stepped on a seedling poking through the sidewalk, or just peed one too many times on our Mom’s tomato plants. This is your opportunity to atone for all those trees you’ve sent to tree heaven, by planting 20 more.


2. The cute guy/girl in the office thinks you’re morally corrupt and you need to redeem yourself 

You’re standing next to the water cooler sharing your grandad’s joke with Jim from accounting, and just as you hit that off color punch line that’s honestly a very poor reflection of your actual values, that cute guy/girl walks right around the corner. Now they think you’re a fool, and your romantic chances are shot. Never fear - once they notice and comment on that pop of green on your ankle, and you tell them you’re planting trees in Kenya, at least you’ll be back to baseline. 


3. You're planning to travel to rural Kenya one day, and need something to bond with the locals over 

Unless you speak Buntu Swahili, when the language gets in the way you can point to your real fine socks. They'll still probably be better dressed than you though.


4. You wear white socks at work 

Normally we’d say you’re a lost cause, but the fact that you’re here reading this means there’s hope for you yet. If you’re currently wearing gym socks at work, swap them out for these green bad boys, and direct thanks and praise to when you get that pay rise / promotion you’ve been waiting 5 years for.


5. You’re a good person 

Do good people buy Conscious Step socks, or does buying Conscious Step socks make you a good person? It is rumored that Socrates and Plato debated thus for 40 days and nights, but divine fatalism aside, the outcome is the same. Wearing socks made in humane conditions, from environmentally friendly material, that help those less fortunate and safeguard the environment makes you a good person. Period. Now go buy some



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