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2023 had a lot in it to test our resolve, with wildfires on our Hawaiian shores, global temperatures reaching new heights, and ongoing conflicts all over the world. But it also had a lot of events to celebrate. The US Energy Administration revealed that America generated more electricity from renewable energy than coal for the first time, more people than ever have access to clean drinking water around the world, 90% of the 664 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in 2023 were blocked or stopped, the High Seas Treaty was created and signed by multiple countries to protect more of our oceans than ever before… we could go on and on.

Even through the toughest times, there’s room to grow. Nobody expects to see a flower come up and bloom through cracks in concrete, but somehow, they manage. And we took that as inspiration for the year. We planted a seed together—a shared sense of purpose and optimism—and watched our impact grow despite it all. 

In 2023 we donated more to our 17 nonprofit partners than ever before: $365,000. That’s a 15% increase from the year before, bringing our total donations to $1,486,000. Our partners made great progress; Trees for the Future planted 38M trees and restored 56,000 acres of land, The Trevor Project provided over 552,000 crisis interventions to LGBTQ+ youth in need, and World Central Kitchen passed 350 million meals served. 

From disaster relief and wildlife conservation, healthcare providers to educational institutions, you were there with us to fight for a brighter future. 

2023 reminded us all that it takes power and resilience to grow. Together, we have shown the world what is possible when we plant the seeds of kindness, compassion, and a steadfast determination to make a difference. And that those seeds can be something as simple as a pair of socks.

May we all continue to grow, no matter what the world throws at us. Thank you for stepping with us, always.


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