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When Conscious Step began, we had one mission: to help world-changing nonprofits get the support they need to do amazing things. We’ve always believed that small steps can come together to create a big impact, and that everything we create can, in turn, create wonderful opportunities for others. 

In 2022, we hit a major milestone in our impact: we donated our millionth dollar. Since Conscious Step was founded, we have now donated $1,121,917 to our past and present nonprofit partners. It’s a huge milestone for us, and one that comes with so much gratitude for everyone who helped us reach this point. Whether you bought one pair or own an entire collection for your favorite cause, you are a part of this accomplishment.

Last year saw a lot of hardships and successes for our partners, but thanks to you, we were able to spring into action and fight obstacles as they came. You helped provide more meals to displaced civilians in Ukraine thanks to World Central Kitchen. Oceana was able to pass legislation banning the shark fin trade in the US. We’re able to fight harder against anti-LGBTQ legislature and save more lives with The Trevor Project. All of these are just a few of the many, many projects you helped support last year with.

Every day presents a new challenge. We watch tragedies unfold on the news, doom scroll through climate change facts, hear about animals going extinct, and a whole slew of other awful things. It’s so easy to

think that there’s nothing we can do, but the good news is that you’d be wrong. There are so many small-but-mighty ways to make a difference out there, and they all come together to build a better tomorrow. 

There are so many exciting things we’re looking forward to in 2023 and beyond, including new partners, collaborations, designs, and more. We can’t wait to share them with you as we start working towards the next million. 

Ordinary purchase, extraordinary purpose. It means more now than ever before, thanks to you.  

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