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Valentine’s Day. Every 14th of February, loved ones share gifts in hopes that the other feels and knows the depth of their love. This holiday’s expression of love began as a card, but the symbol of how much one loves another over time has transformed into gifts that represent something deeper.

At Conscious Step, we look at Valentine’s Day through the same eyes. As a day centered around the expression of love, we want those most important to us (that’s you, our impact partners and their beneficiaries) to know just how much we care. Each pair of our socks are made with you in mind - which means we not only strive to make them unbelievably comfortable, but also safe on the skin (thanks to non-toxic dyes), good for the environment (thank you Organic Cotton!), and good for your wardrobe (just because). We also know how much you love giving back to people in need, which is why each pair of our socks are good for the people of this world. Each pair of Conscious Step’s are Fair Trade certified (say hello to NO child labor) and are happily partnered with first-class non-profits – providing a specific, positive, impact for both people and planet. Each relationship we build is one we want to last because together, we’re better.

This Valentine’s Day, although we love all our impact partners, we’re focusing our love on our partner UNAIDS. Not just because the socks are red, but because of the love the impact helps grow. Our socks for HIV directly impact the bond between mother and child, helping it to become stronger, as they provide HIV therapy - preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to newborn. The mother-child bond is a love that can only be understood from experience - it’s selfless and unconditional, self-sacrificing. It is a love that deserves to develop and grow over a lifetime.

So, onto a couple facts – just incase you were wondering why supporting the AIDS epidemic is so important. Below you’ll find a map which shows a geographic breakdown of the female population living with HIV (approximately 17,400,000 women above the age of 15). Although this number is high, thanks to people like you, 7,939,660 adult females are receiving HIV therapy through our partner UNAIDS.

(AIDSinfo, 2016)

The truth is simple – giving back is giving love, which makes Conscious Step socks the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. With a pair socks that fight poverty, you can express that your love is anything but ordinary. Not only are you thinking of how comfortable your purchase will be on their feet, but how comfortable your purchase will make another life. Valentine’s Day 2016  – ordinary purchase, extraordinary purpose.

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