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Every one of us has an ideal: a perfect world, a perfect life - an aspiration for a better tomorrow. Though our attitudes are positive, and our choices are caring - we're limited to what we have control over. Here at Conscious Step, we strive to build a community through sustainable beliefs and honest collaborations, while simultaneously spreading knowledge for a better tomorrow and a fresher wardrobe.  We aspire to work together to improve the lives of those less fortunate - not just by supporting the causes we deem as important, but also through our dedication to transparent ethical production. 



Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Goals, our socks are tied to a specific project with some of the world's most prestigious charitable organizations. As an example, your Education Steps do more than just provide a casual donation, they support world literacy by giving school books through our amazing partners at Room to Read. Now you can learn and spread awareness for Mother Earth's most serious problems - with style and comfort.

Each of our socks are made from the highest quality (168 needle) organic cotton, in fair trade conditions. In addition to premium comfort and 20 trees, each pair supports the lives of men and women all working for their own hopes and dreams. From the organic cotton farms to the tips of your toes, each step of the supply chain makes for a better tomorrow. Serving a comfortable reminder that every decision we make can have a cyclical affect on the world around us.


Every small choice we make has an impact on something or someone, and can influence our tomorrow - for better or worse.  We are here to inspire and glorify those who continue to lead by example - organizations and people doing small things that continue to add up to big changes in our world.  It's our vision to create a world where the combined actions of many people change the world for the better.  We call it taking a Conscious Step.

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