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With summer approaching, and a copious amount of astonishing landmarks across in Australia, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do we snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, or do we go see the Sydney Oprah house? So much to see, so much to do, so little time. Because we’re lovers of the land down under, and some of us happen to be Aussies, we’ve jotted down some of the best attractions that you just shouldn’t miss during your trek to Oz.

1. The Great Ocean Road

One of the Australia’s ultimate wonders is The Great Ocean Road. Located in the state of Victoria, it’s a heart-stopping, dazzling, 150 mile drive running along the continent’s hemline. The Twelve Apostles marks the climax of your journey, with tall pillars crafted out of the limestone cliffs by the raging Southern Ocean.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Afraid of heights? We recommend you sit this one out. Climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and be rewarded with a 360-degree view of the world’s largest harbour, and the ultimate view of Sydney. Your bridge suit, team, and communication gear ensure a safe trek and an experience unlike many others.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

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Thank you, Mother Nature, and thank you Queensland for providing Australia with one of the world’s most stunning creations - The Great Barrier Reef. A beautiful labyrinth of islands, coral cays, channels, lagoons as well as the caverns are endowed with an astonishing assortment of aquatic life. Just pop on a mask and snorkel and experience the magnificence of the marine life first hand.

4. Tram at Melbourne

Ah, the tram. There’s nothing quite like a tram to set a city apart. And when we talk about Melbourne's, the No 96 does the job beautifully. It covers a nine-mile journey starting right from the northern corner of the city, tracking its heart and finally completing the journey at beachside St Kilda, in the south. The ride knits together few of the city’s magnificent icons, such as the Melbourne Museum, Carlton Gardens, Exhibition Buildings, Luna Park, Bourke Street Mall and the State Parliament.

5. Rust-red flanks of Uluru

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Discover magic moments as the sun rises and sets unravel against the rust-red flanks of Uluru, as camels plod past. Set in the Red Centre of Australia, this landmark is considered the “spiritual heart” of Australia. Take the magic and spiritual experience a little further with a romantic meal under the canopy of stars. Who could ask for more?

6. Bondi Beach

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Some consider it THE beach to go to in Australia. Visit the beach early, and you’ll probably witness some workout-aholics burning calories like the Australian sun. For those who enjoy the beach later in the day, you can get breakfast at beachfront cafes and then catch some swimming and surfing lessons later on.

7. Kakadu National Park

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With the end-of-year dry season, the reptiles and birds located in the Northern Territory of Kakadu National Park get crammed into the ever-dwindling wetlands. The Lagoons of Yellow Waters, turns into an open-air zoo. Get ready for close encounters with white jabirus, egrets, brolgas, pelicans, sea eagles, jacanas, goannas, crocodiles and snake birds.


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