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Summertime is officially upon us.. The season of ice cream cones, sunburns, suntans, and sweat glands. Ew. With ACs roaring, and the sun blinding, we want to provide you with 10 unconventional ways to beat the heat:

10. Invest in a Bucket Hat

By the transitive property, if you wear a bucket hat you'll be as cool as Beyonce. Enough said, right? Can't decide which bucket hat speaks to you? Wear a different one every day of the week. These hats are inexpensive, easy to pack in your overstuffed work bag, and will protect you from the harsh summer rays!

(Beyonce GIF, 2016)
9. Make Every Water Fountain Your Personal Waterfall

Who says water fountains are purely for drinking purposes? Get under that spicket and pretend you are on a tropical island for a few seconds. Yeah, people may stop and stare, but they are really just admiring your genius ways.

(Thirst, 2016)
8. Become Best Friends With the Ice Cream Man

There is no better way to cool off on a summer day than with an ice cream cone. But, lines get long and it's alway good to become besties with the one serving those glorious treats. Come up with a handshake or code word that solidifies your friendship. You'll be cool in so many ways.


(Parent Trap Handshake, 2016)

7. Throwback Thursday (TBT) Everyday With This Long Forgotten Gadget

This fan/spray bottle/necklace is a great way to stay cool this summer. Whip this out during your afternoon commute and we can assure you, you'll be cool and may even make some friends.

(Spray Bottle, 2016)
6. Fall Into Your Local Koi Pond

Pull a Michael Scott (from The Office) and fall into a koi pond near you. Embarrassing, well yes. But cool? Yes. For the entire day.

  (What I learned, 2016)

5. Hang out in the Milk Aisle

Let's face it. Grocery stores are freezing. Correction, the milk aisle is freezing. You always forget how cold it is going to be... You tell yourself that this time shopping is going to be quick, that you don't need that sweater… And every time you are wrong. So, when you are boiling in the summer sun, we say go take a stroll down a milk aisle in the closest grocery store you can find. Peruse the exorbitant options of greek yogurts and be on your cool way.

(Old Man GIF, 2016)
  1. Be #Basic and Get Cool Pool Floats

Your Instagram will thank you. Yes, these floats are everywhere but that's because they are fun, bright, and silly! If you don't have a pool to throw them in, that's okay. A bathtub is a perfect place for these floats too. No bathtub? Still not a problem. Throw them on the ground and pretend your floor is a pool. Because, not much is cooler than having a wild imagination.

(For the Love of Glitter, 2016)

  1. Host a Solo Water Drinking Competition

Water is an amazing thing and we should all be drinking more of it. Somehow lattes, sodas, milkshakes and juices seem to get in the way of our water consumption. Stay cool this summer by challenging yourself to drink 8 cups of water a day. You and your water can be even cooler if you infuse it with some mint and lemon!  

(Spongebob, 2016)

2. Freeze Any- and Everything

Grapes. Freeze em. Blueberries. Freeze em. Bananas. Freeze em. Candy Bars, freeze em. Peas, freeze em. Yogurt, freeze it. Water, freeze it.  As you can see the list goes on and on. Any of these would make for a cool snack that will.

(Ben Marriott, 2016)

1. Wear Socks that Give Water!

The number one way to stay cool this summer? That's easy. Wear socks that give 18 months of clean water! Not only will you be sporting the most stylish (and mindfully manufactured) socks in the office, but you will be taking a step towards ending poverty. Nothing is cooler than that.


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