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  • Celebrating Dr. Seuss

    0 comments / Posted by Alethea Snyder

    Celebrating Dr. Seuss

    By: Amy Block-Muzekari

    Photo Credit: Blair Public Library

    On March 2nd, we celebrate the one and only Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

    Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, wrote and illustrated 44 children’s books between 1937 and 1990. Additionally, he produced several films and television programs.

    Many of his stories...


  • 8 DIY-tastic Halloween Costumes

    0 comments / Posted by Laura Parker

    Halloween is right around the corner, and the question haunting most Americans is - “WTH am I going to be?!” Digging for a completely new look for your Halloween plans can feel like digging a grave… as no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars trying to find the perfect costume that will be classified as absolutely spooktacular. Well.. we’re here to save you from your misery! We’ve...


  • 10 Unusual Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

    0 comments / Posted by Rose Winters

    Summertime is officially upon us.. The season of ice cream cones, sunburns, suntans, and sweat glands. Ew. With ACs roaring, and the sun blinding, we want to provide you with 10 unconventional ways to beat the heat:

    10. Invest in a Bucket Hat

    By the transitive property, if you wear a bucket hat you'll be as cool as Beyonce. Enough...


  • A Gift for the Dad Who Has Everything

    0 comments / Posted by Laura Parker


    Growing up with the Genius Dad was hard, mainly because of his high expectations, but also because having a high IQ and Dad humor is a terrible combination. You thought having him around to help with schoolwork would be a godsend, but you stopped asking for help after he...


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