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Halloween is right around the corner, and the question haunting most Americans is - “WTH am I going to be?!” Digging for a completely new look for your Halloween plans can feel like digging a grave… as no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars trying to find the perfect costume that will be classified as absolutely spooktacular. Well.. we’re here to save you from your misery! We’ve come up with some homemade costumes that are simply DIY-tastic.


1. Sting like a Jellyfish

These are some #jellyfish #jellyfishcostumes #jellyfishcostume I made for #pantomime #danceshow

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Cue: *Who lives in a pineapple under the sea…*

Oh wait.. Wrong creature.

But, no worries. We have one just as seaworthy! All you need is a transparent umbrella, some lights and sheer ribbons and your DIY Halloween costume is ready to shock the masses!


2. Tell of Great Fortune

I see fortune in your future… Including a long skirt, sparkly top, and an empty snow globe. Pair it with some chunky jewelry and a head scarf and you’re ready for all the spirit world demands.


3. Cup to the Cake

Love cupcakes? Then why not take the motto “you are what you eat” to the next level? Dig a hole in a basket, cover it up with some aluminum foil or colored paper, get some cotton, spray it your favorite color, and TA-DAH! You are awfully sweet.

4. Sheepish

I did a thing!! #xmasparty #diy #sheepcostume #takemetothebaaaaaa

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Halloween can make everyone a little sheepish… *pun intended*

So, let the animal lover inside you take full form in this costume made from a white bathrobe, a black long-sleeve shirt, black leggings, some cotton balls, and look baaaad to the bone.

5. Mr. or Miss Cactus

🌵 #happyhalloween #cactus #cactuscostume

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The only time saying “don’t be such a prick” actually makes sense. All you need for this costume is a green top and green pants (or bodysuit if you can find one) and some toothpicks.

6. Vintage Doll

Throwing it back to last year's DOLLHOUSE 🎀 #thisishalloween #halloweenweek

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Most of us have played with the vintage dolls that need to wind up key.Just make a key out of the cardboard, attach it to your dress and you're ready to unwind!

7. Gumball

Some little pompoms and your look is complete! Just glue them on your top and get ready to blow peoples minds.


8. BOO!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 👻 Image by Théo Mercier for Von Pariahs album cover

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The classic DIY Halloween costume. Throw some white long cloth over you, cut down just the eyes and get your scare on.

So, there you have it, folks. Halloween is the best excuse release the “crazy” inside and get dressed up in something truly frightastic. So, with Halloween just a few days away, pick up some materials and start imagining… The possibilities are actually endless.



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